Anacreon, who?

Who is Anacreon?
And why are you his sons?


563-478 B.C.
Greek poet noted for his songs praising love and wine.  Only pieces of his poetry remain.

anacreontic (adj.) - jovial, festive and amorous

"Who was Anacreon, you may ask?"

(That's YOUR cue!)  "Why, yes, we're tingling to know!  Who was Anacreon?"

"Anacreon was an ancient geek."

(You)  "Ah-hem!?"

"I mean Greek!  An ancient Greek.  ...Who was known far and wide for his devotion to comedy, harmonius song and, above all, various and sundry alcohological excursions.  In other words, he loved his beer and wine with an excess usually reserved for the adoration of small furry animals.  But that's another story."

(Your turn again!)  "Small furry animals?!"

"Eh, skip it.  As I wuz sayin'... Anacreon was the original wine,women and song guy.
Considering he lived around 500 BC, we would be hard pressed to find someone more original.  You can say he was the figurative father of all us louts what followed after ('Specially since none of us know who are father is...!).  So, what does that make us?"

(Your big cue!)  "The Sons of Anacreon!"

"On da nose!  We, The SOA, are a bawdy, plaid-wearin', exciting and exhilarating,Victorian-era musicalcomedy troupe.  All together, we are the ultimate devotees to the esteemed dignitary of Master Anacreon hisself. Us lads have performed our musical comedy show in a variety of venues ranging from English & Irish pubs to Radio Stations to spooky haunted mansions. Whereever we'll be had - so's to speak."

(Force yourself to convey some enthusiasm here)  "Oh, please, please, please tell us all the boring historical data about the Anacreontic Society...."
 "Well, if you insist  (yawn)  The Anacreontic Society was a popular gentlemen's club in London, named in honor of Anacreon (Who ya just heard so much about). The society's patron saint was Anacreon, the "convivial bard of Greece." The society's membership was dedicated to "wit, harmony, and the god of wine." (like us!) The lyrics of the Anacreontic Song, the first four words of which are "To Anacreon in Heaven ...." were written by Mr. Ralph Tomlinson, who had been president of the society."

 (Your turn yet again)  "zzzzz, drool, snort.....  Oh!  Uh...  please oh please tell us about THE SONG."

"Well, that's a whiz-bang show stopper of a ditty if I ever heard one. It's sung to the tune of, of course, the British national anthem, "The Anacreontic Song" (Well, our anthem, anyway).  Or, if you'd prefer something a wee more exotic, follow along to the tune of that American song "The Star-Spangled Banner."  And it goes as follows:

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