Live at the Cock 'n Moose

(Limited Edition)

Live at the Cock ' Moose
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Live Recordings from Cock & Moose Shows
(Recorded Jan 15 & Feb 12, 2000 , published 2001)

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1)Greeting   0:21

2)The Anacreontic Song (SOA Theme)  1:18
(Lyrics: Ralph Tomlinson & The Anacreontic Society Music: John Stafford Smith Solo: Damien)

3) Spanish Nobillio   2:23
(Anon.  Solo: David)

4) Movin' Father's Grave   1:52

5) Irish Rover   2:12
(Trad. Lyrics: Frederic E. Weatherly  Add. Lyrics: Jonathan, Sons)

6) Danny Boy   2:16
(Trad.  Vocals: David, Damien & Michael)

7) The Old Flatulensa   4:07
(Solo: David)        

8) Toasts   1:46

9) Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?   3:46
(Trad.  Add. Lyrics: David, Jonathan)

10) Maggie May   2:40
(Trad. Solo: Pat)

11) Cushie Butterfield   5:41
(George Ridley  Add. Lyrics: David  Solo: David)

12) Eat Bertha's Mussels   4:36
( Music: Trad. Lyrics: John Roberts  Add. Lyrics: David Guitar: Michael)

13) I Like a Moose   4:05
(Lyrics: Jonathan Guitar: Michael)

Total Time  37:05



Recorded Live at Da Lodge in Burbank, CA    Jan 15 & Feb 12, 2000
Mastered and Duplicated at  The Dupe, Hollywood, CA
   Producers            Patrick Franz
                                 Damien Elwood
    Master                John Ramos, Damien Elwood
       Cover                   Mitch Weiss
       Back Cover          Lauren Evans
       Booklet Interior   Susan Franz

   Art Direction        Patrick Franz
   Music Direction   Damien Elwood
   Color Printing       Mitch Weiss
   B&W Printing      Damien Elwood

   Special Thanks…
   Mitch Weiss, Stan & Gayle and Moose Lodge 652, Sandi Graham, The Norris Family, Uncle Bunk, Our families, Our wives for sticking with us and our ex-wives for leaving, and All our loyal fans

© 2000 The Sons of Anacreon
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Learn all the songs you want.  Sing along only on the choruses at our shows or we’ll steal your women & have our way  with your housepets. And remember, David is particularly fond of goldfish...


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