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Folk Songs, Musicians, and Performers
Everything Celtic Everything Celtic Dance & Music Troop is a Celtic show that takes the definition of "Celtic" Dance to all of its roots
Irish Folk Songs Lyrics to 300+ Irish folk songs
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Jester's Court  Fyne Musick and Storytelling From Many Folk Traditions Steeleye Span  Unofficial Steeleye Span Home Page
The Pyrates Royale Singing pyrates?!? Blimey, what is the world coming to?

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The Beer Jokes Page
Beer Jokes  Jokes which somehow relate to beer.
Drinking Jokes  From the drinking magazine "Befuddle"
Men Jokes Manly Jokes for Manly Men.  If you think we can't laugh at ourselves, you've never seen our show!
Nine Naked Men  ...just walkin' down the road.  Courtesy of Stu, from the Poxy Boggards.  Exercise Discretion.
The Toasts of Ireland  Raise your glasses and call up the truth and wisdom of all the Brave Celts who have gone before.
Irish Toasts Irish Toasts for Everyday and Special Occasions