SOA Lyrics


"Black Velvet Band"



Twas in the town of Tralee, apprentice to trade I was bound,
And there's plenty of bright amusement,
To be had in that neat little town.
Til bad misfortune came over me,
And caused me to drift from the land
Far away from me friends and relations-
To follow the Black Velvet Band


Oh, her eyes, they shown like diamonds,
You'd think she was queen of the land.
With her hair thrown over her shoulder
Tied up with a Black Velvet Band
As I was walking one evening, not intending to go very far
I spied a pretty young damsel, A’standing all in the innyard.
A watch she took from a customer, and slipped it right into me hand.  
The constable saw us and nicked us away,
Bad Luck from The Black Velvet Band

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