SOA Lyrics


"Jimmy Bean"


Oh, Jimmy Bean was a funny looking fellow
If he had a bigger mouth, you'd've took him for the cellar 
But his mouth--   Queered him- from winning a beauty show
Oh, it was like a steam boat funnel, or a railway arch, or the Blackwell tunnel,
And you can't- see Jim- when he opens his mouth, you know.
And as old Jimmer goes a-walkin' about-
You can 'ear the kids all 'ollerin' out-


What a mouth, What a mouth, What a North and South
Blimey, what a mouth he's got.
When he was a baby Low Cor Lummer
His poor old mother used to feed 'im with a shovel
What a gap-- poor chap--  He's never been known to laugh
For if he did, it's a penny to a quid that his face would fall in 'alf!

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