SOA Lyrics


"Maggie May"



Come gather round you sailor lads, and listen to me plea,
And when you've heard me tale you'll pity me.
I was a bloody fool in the port of Liverpool,
The first time that I came home from sea.
We were paid our trip to home, from the port of Sierra Leonne
And 3 pounds 10 a week it was me pay.
With a pocket full of tin, I was very soon taken in
By a girl with the name of Maggie May.


Oh, Maggie, Maggie May, they have taken her away, 
To walk upon Van Deaman's cruel Shore.
She robbed so many sailors, and dosed so many whalers,
That she'll never roam down Lime Street any more.
Oh, well how I remember when I first met Maggie May,
She was walkin’ up and down old Canon Place,
With a figure so Divine—Like a frigate of the line,
And me, Bein’ a sailor I gave chase
In the morning I awoke, I was flat and stoney broke,
No jacket, trousers, waistcoat could I find.
When I asked her where they were, She said “My very good sir,
They’re down at Kelly’s Pawn Shop number nine.”

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