The Sons of Anacreon
Bawdy, Plaid Victorian Musical Comedy - Heavy on the Comedy Wif  Not Bad Singin’Neither
Who are "The Sons of Anacreon"?

The Plaid-Clad Lads have performed their  Comedy A Capella show in a variety of venues ranging from: 
English & Irish pubs - like The John Bull Pub; Q's Riverbottom and The Diplomat 
Private Parties  - (they gave us extra not to mention any names) 
Haunted Mansions - (don't ask...
Renaissance and Dickens Festivals- 
The Santa Monica Pier, Universal Citywalk and Old Towne Temecula

David (Unkle Albert) Springhorn
David has had many triumphs in his life, from the Renaissance & Dickens Faires to Universal & Disney. But the single greatest thing that brings him satisfaction is,           The fact that he’s “SINGLE” 
      Yes ladies he’s available & ready to sell his soul for a good cuddle.  This incurable romantic will serenade you, adopt your bastard kids & forsake all others, emptying his heart & bank account in tribute to your magnificence.  Come one, come all  (yes he’s also a polygamist)!  No woman is too kinky, silly or mushy to satisfy his pagan tastes.  He’s reasonably sober, virile, affectionate, a moose,& CERTIFIABLY INSANE (the good kind)!!  For your heart he’ll move mountains!! (for a quickie he’ll introduce  you to Jonathan Graff).  SO ACT NOW (while he’s still fresh)!  You may apply at Email him TODAY!!!!!!!   p.s. he also sings with a bunch of drunks.
Patrick (St. Patty) Franz 
Monsewer Franz, whose funniest comedic moments with the group are when he tries to convince him he is the Director, also has dozens of years of hammy theater experience - ranging from Petruchio in William Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” to Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  Currently, he can be found at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire playing with Big Cats & kids  (Hmmm... appetizers?).  Patrick assures us that he provides a vital comic element for the ladies in the audience.  Women point at him and giggle.  Click Here to visit his site.
Michael (Captain Knobby) Norris
Mister Norris has been a fixture at Universal Studios for what seems like forever- at least to them.  He’s also appeared with Lauren Bacall in “Woman of the Year” and as Don Quixote in “Man of LaMancha”, and TV credits include Rambozo on “What’s Happening Now” and “Comic Strip Live”.   Known to sing so loud that elk a hundred miles away say “What the @&!*%! was THAT!?”, he also has the distinction of being not only the oldest member of the Sons (honestly... he nearly farts dust), but the one with the narrowest ass.  There’s also the reason he’s called “Captain Knob”, but... well... we’ll save THAT for the live show...
Damien (Damo) Elwood
Mr. Elwood has been singing really boring stuff since he was a young lad touring nationally with the California Boys Choir. Though his current activities have included appearances with the USC Opera, Long Beach Opera, and Pueri Cantores for the Vatican's New Years Eve celebration in Rome, we are determined to squelch all that classical training. (If the beer doesn’t do it, the plaid surely will).  Yet, “Damo” does fulfill a vital role in the Sons of Anacreon “singing” group with his... err... well...actual ability to SING. He also has a cute laugh, and his scratching is coming along nicely. 
Jonathan (Hey- not the hair!) Graff
Mister Graff, or “the funny, cute one”, as he likes to be called  (but seldom actually is), has experience with improv groups in L.A. and portrayed theme characters at the California Renaissance Pleasure Faires for 15 years.  He was a soloist with the California and L.A. Masters Chorales before choosing a new direction with his career (read: “fired for rewriting and singing The Magnificat as a dirty limerick”).  After a  few years of doing the odd Music Hall show, some Shakespeare festivals and national touring companies for musicals like the of “The Pirates of Penzance” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, he is now what we affectionately call “A soulless, corporate butt-weasel sellout.”  What is he doing singing with The Sons of Anacreon,  you ask?  Is it the friendly camaraderie?  Love of music?  Joy of artistic fulfillment?  “No”, he replies. “It’s the cheese.”
Kevin (Is anyone drinking this?) Blackley
One weekend at the Santa Barbara Faire, Kevin came to with a tattoo, a goat, and an invite to join the Sons of Anacreon.  Kevin has extensive experience in Southern California theatrical productions performing in many Shakespeare and Gilbert & Sullivan shows.  None of this training and expertise has done any good whatsoever with the Sons.  Kevin has performed for many years with Country Matters caroling in Dickens garb as well as the original Renaissance Faire.  He is remembered at least vaguely by legions of fans and wishes to reciprocate, once sober.
Jay (He changed the key to what?!) Kaye
A 15 year veteran of the renaissance faire (all the way back to stage managing the Lydian Grove in Agoura), Jay Kaye (the "e" is dropped, just like his manhood) began his musical career with Country Matters in 1987, cutting two CD's with them and caroling every Christmas season all over the Southland.  He has penned several shows for the Matters folks and can be seen as a SAG actor in over 50 Hollywood films: eating in restaurants, fighting Vikings, and passing major principles in various street scenes for at least a nanosecond (Apollo 13, Erin Brockovitch, the 70's Show, to name a few).

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